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Haute Joaillerie, bolder than ever

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Script video :haute joaillerie, more daring than ever1. wonder with chopardfirst meeting,in the of the newly renovatedparis boutiqueto discover the red carpet collectionfeaturing man's best friend: the dog1200 hours of workto make this ethical gold piece entirely pavedwith 9000 precious stones other pieces celebrate the fantastic nature like this bracelet with multicolored stonesor this "flower" ring with yellow sapphires and a central opal2. in the air with chaumetat the ritz, for the torsade collection the twist becomes central and seems to float,creating another link while standing out from the jewel interview with jean-marc mansvelt: at different moments, we wonderhow the stones hold, how this spiral is in motion,while the piece is, by definition, static.i think that this is also thethe beginning of the journey.this year, we also wanted to mark ita little bit in its time, meaning, with a collectionmarking the eternity and the terms of eternity of the house.what comes naturally?and what does everyone want to wear?i think this brooch is beautiful on a tuxedo on a sublime woman,but also beautiful on a man's tuxedo, which is just as beautiful.3. magic at boucheron holographic carte blanche to play with light and challenge excellenceinterview with claire choisne: by combining traditional techniques that we master, with innovative techniques,for example, it was saint-gobain who helped us with the spraying of metal oxidesto obtain this holographic effect on our pieces.the fact of associatingthese different methods and techniques allows us to go further,and make our dreams come true.the holographic necklace, my favorite piece of the collection,is a necklace that is made of very thin slices of rock crystal.they are barely two millimetres thickand we connected them with small arches of white gold and diamond.they are floating around the neck, and on each of the plates,we sprayed ten layers of this holographic effect.we positioned at the centre of the necklace, a yellow sapphire of over 20 carats.what i find magical, for me, is that it is hypnotic.4. dancing at van cleef & arpels the jeweller chooses to celebrate and support contemporary dancewith the new 'dance reflection' projectand invites us to discover one of their symbolic jewels,the ballerina, through timea leap into the past to admire the present even more examples proving that french haute joaillerie defies time through new technical prowess and unparalleled expertise