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OUD, an exacerbated feminity!

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Meet two fashion enthusiasts, founders of the young brand oud, which quickly established itself with a sophisticated style, away from street wear, and with colours and prints in the spotlight each season. and it was the famous photographer, gilles bensimon, who shot the latest collection to discover in a brand-new parisian pop-up store located in the famous shopping district on rue du faubourg saint honoré. interviews with patricia bitton & raphaël riv: oud backwards is an anagram of duo. so, here’s the brand at three years, we created it on a whim. a desire, really, to do something that resembles us without necessarily following what’s happening elsewhere she is a feminine, free woman who is daring and takes responsibility. each season, what we want to find above all, is colours and prints that will represent the season. that’s very important. we have this notion of colour block, whether it’s winter or summer. we need to express ourselves with colours and prints. we love everything that shines a little, not bling bling, but materials that are a slightly vaporous like silk or muslin. what also makes our dna, it’s huge lavaliere and then everything in the sleeve, and volume. we will never be vulgar but we will play with transparency. we’ll play with lengths, but if it’s very short, we’ll find a way to arrange the dress so that it doesn’t look vulgar.