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Decoding: A. Lange & Söhne, 175 years of hight precision !

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Founded in 1845 in germany by ferdinand adolph lange, the label a. lange & söhne, renowned for its luxury watches combining sophisticated technology and traditional know-how, continues its innovations in high precision watchmaking. known for having developed the very first automatic watch or the smallest women’s watch, the world-famous manufacturer stands out today for its masculine models assembled and decorated by hand and its new creative developments.interview with anthony de haas:a. lange & söhne in numbers?if you think about a. lange & söhne you think about watch makers. everything here is about watch making. we are 580 people here in glashütte, in the factory, and 55 are in product development, that is 10%, that is big. our product development department is bigger than the marketing department. everything comes from product that was new in their time, we make 5000 watches a year. the entry level watch cost 15 000 euros. what makes you different?we are not the typical brand for the nouveau riche, i think we are very much a connoisseur’s brand but i think that what we do is also a fascination technique, all our case backs are with sapphire, you can see all our movement, all our movements are real pieces of art. each little part is decorated, even the ones you will never see because they are under the dial.what's your latest news?we took a big step last october when we launched this year’s edition that is our sporty, elegant watch and the first standard watch in steel and we have strong intentions to make a product family, a product line out of that, that’s why launched on saturday the two white gold versions with a leather strap and even a rubber strap, which is wow, but it’s just a practical thing if you want to swim with your watch, that’s all. the feedback was fantastic, in the beginning very polarising because it was not something that was regular and everybody was expecting, it was new and sometimes new is shocking. how do we recognise a a. lange & söhne watch?if someone shows you a watch and it’s a a. lange & söhne then you look at the back, 99.9% have a see through case back and if you recognise the movement parts they should be in german silver which is a warm, yellowish silver colour and the balance cock or tourbillon bridge is hand engraved, if that is not the case, it’s a fake. music free of right - hope by anbr (singularity) artlist