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Will denim finally become eco-friendly?

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What will be the denim of the future?rendezvous in the heart of the denim première vision fair in london where the new eco-friendly jeans are making a big breakthrough.(interview)in fact, all manufacturers have to propose a new alternative. with rajby based in pakistan, the cotton is now 100% organic, the water is 100% reused and there are no longer chemicals in production. (interview)and what are the ideas already in progress?(interview)young designers certainly don’t see any solution other than recycled or organic materials. for instance yokow nantes, who produces timeless raw denim jeans for all body types. with interviews: gilles lasbordes (general manager of première vision):there is a real consumer awareness today, especially buyers of fashion products, in relation to eco-sustainability. today the good news is that we have products that are both eco-friendly and creative at the same time. marina coutelan (head of sustainable fashion for première vision):the italians who are part of the cradle of denim were among the first to commit themselves to these issues, but nowadays we see that it really covers the whole industry, the entire denim world is really involved in the transformation. i bet that in 24 months we will only have sustainable denim in the vast majority of stores. safdar shah (senior group r&d manager of rajby):without sustainability we cannot survive that. this is not a requirement of business, this is a main requirement of our world, our heart because we are creating a lot of mess over here so we have to clean up ourselves. our target is to work the circular economy and we are targeting to close loop circles but we are waiting for that response of the common people and the buyers and brands. manon mangin (fashion product manager of denim première vision):it’s true that we have more and more fibres that will be recycled and organic. we have more natural materials now including linen and hemp for example, which are also used to replace cotton. in terms of process, it’s true that we’re going to have a lot of companies working in a closed circuit, so there’s really this idea of removing the chemicals from the dyes and also of having new fabric treatments such as laser or ozone that are really eco-friendly. camille trivun (founder of yokow nantes):today i am really looking for something new. we are part of this new sustainable approach so all the manufacturers offer materials with recycled and organic cotton or recycled polyester, so i came looking for that today in london.