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Dunhill - Menswear Spring/Summer 2020 show in Paris (with interview)

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Creative director: mark westoninspiration: the english label walks their elegant men under the large arcades of the museum of decorative arts. it is about proportions and fluidity, featuring a collaboration with the artist kenta cobayashi and his digital distortions that are found on the prints.collection: elegance and sophistication, with men who dare to wear loose bermuda on trousers accompanied by architecturally designed jackets, held by a single button on the side, or with a large belt-strap. the sleeveless jacket is also an option on the one without any fasteners and straight edges. the very attractive leathers are made in the greatest lightness and come in a top, zipped jacket and trousers. the organza and silk add transparency and sensuality.note: the fluid cape effect printed by the images of kenta cobayashi + for the evening, the long white and silky tunic worn on trousers.with interview from mark westoni didn’t want anything too strict or too tight. i think it needed to flow. i loved this sense of ease and fluidity. this season for me was also about distorted classicism. i love those two ideas where it is very aware of a classic house and this idea of distortion. that can come through twisting tailoring, continuing with our wrap tailoring which has come very identifiable at dunhill. split hems which we have done for a couple of seasons now which are our identity and i think it is evolving that through different pieces. the fabrication informs the shape, the design. it is never one, it is never linear. it is why we wanted to look at fabrication this season and really amplify it. it is what dunhill deserves and as i have said before, it’s that level of sophistication that is our trademark. this for me is the digital distortion i mentioned; in the show i wanted something that would glitch. the idea of a something a bit of a surprise that wasn’t expected. i think it was something surprising, but in really a luxurious way. i love kenzo’s work, i have known him for about a year and half and it felt like the right time to collaborate, in a natural and organic wayshow music (only to be used in the context of the show, covered by the right to information)