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Men give in to logomania!

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Don’t miss the latest trend of the season: logos! showing off their worth we see them everywhere on clothes and accessories! logos are once again in fashion. brought to life by luxury fashion brands they will be seen on every catwalk.don’t hesitate to wear your favorite brand on your sweatshirt! they are printed all over garments on your front and back. for some brands it allows them to reaffirm their legitimacy, display their history or bring them back to life. it allows them to change or modernize their image. fendi for example sought help from a scottish artist to interpret the idea.using big letters and bright colours it’s the new coat of arms for the season.it brings out designers image, their history and their mantra! young designers are also following this new trend to get their name heard!they are the new print all over clothes.originating from streetwear, it makes outfits more casual whilst making menswear less formal.this winter it will be difficult to avoid this new trend.