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Who are the designers of tomorrow? Meet the students at Parsons Paris

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At the occasion of the end of year show by the students at parsons, the parisian campus for the american school, we wanted to get to know the vision of tomorrow’s designers, showing their talent by mixing questions and research of their identity. (interview)some international students, who have travelled, were strongly attached to the political, economic and social contexts that they have known, often in different countries. for example, sora lee from seoul who poses questions on the human genre. (interview)as for dala eido, who grew up in beyrouth, she talks about her collection of deconstruction and reconstruction using recycled leather. (interview)interviews of florence leclerc -dickler :our students don’t just study design or only fashion, rather they also study social sciences, humanities and so it’s not just about preparing future fashion designers who only know their own discipline really well. and today, the work of these students reflects this richness because it corresponds with the vision of the university but also because they are millennials and part of generation z who arrive and so in any case the question of sustainability is at the heart of their own concerns so i’d say that, that, informs everything that they do. interview of sora lee: when i started fashion design, i have a lot of division that i have to choose either “are you going to study womenswear or menswear?” but the thing is, what you originally think about from the beginning, when you’re a child, you didn’t think about it as a boy or a girl, you’d always choose the instinct. but when we grow up, we always forget about the joy of wearing clothes. as a men’s fashion design student, i want to release them from that cage, to really enjoy what they used to be, celebrating themselves as much as they can. interview of dala eido :they’re actually bits of leather that i put together with screws and things and i find that we have to recycle all the time, everything’s already done so everything is repeating itself, so i’ve really enjoyed concentrating on the material and i want to design things which don’t really exist, it’s really a huge challenge for people or students now, to design something which doesn’t really exist.