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Juun J: Men's show Spring/Summer 2019 (with interview)

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Designer: juun jcollection: 37 looks, men and women walked together in a mixed show. a play on constructions and volumes by the korean designer. a workwear spirit with technical materials and fluorescent colours. the suits with fitted cuts are illustrated with a check pattern. to note: the multiple layers of oversized parkas, structured in gabardine cotton or supple in parachute canvas. an accumulation also for the feminine silhouettes with pleated skirts among fitted suits. focus: on the transparent pvc trench coats and trainers with serrated soles. + the skirts cut into shirts with sleeves which hang+ the hybrid clothing and zips+ the metallic colours interview of junn j: so i usually do a lot of oversized but this time, what i did was i also wanted to work with the contrast. so i love the fact that there’s a very, very light fabric of outerwear, windbreaker fabric, with a thick pvc and then this gives a different silhouette within the oversized silhouette, but i always focus on the silhouette of the collection. i always start with the tailoring but there’s a beauty of mixing it with the sportswear, and sometimes it’s a different material but my dna starts with the tailoring pieces. music from the show (for use only context of this report, under cover of the right to information)