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Customizing the shoe: A new luxury for men

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The men’s luxury shoe has always existed but the demand for a unique, customized shoe, where you can choose every bit of confectionary detail is an increasing trend and has developed in several houses. even the big department stores now have corners for a made to measure fitting. interview from: virginie sastrewhat men look for in a unique shoe is that its personal to them and via personalisation they also have the feeling that they get access to the brand and the knowhow of the brand. we are going to explain to customers where the leather comes from, for example at weston we will explain that the leatherwork belongs to weston. men are so eager for details on the construction, the expertise of a shoe, how it is died, how it is stitched, how the leather is cut.these days we go as far as personalising the stitching, imprinting initials, even customising the insole, which is a recent thing we’ve done. it really works well and it’s in real demand from the customers. it’s funny because only the customer sees the interior, but he still carefully chooses his own personalisation and it’s a detail that’s unique to him.music free of right / bandit & nikit 2015