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Damir Doma - Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Presentation in Paris (with itw)

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Damir doma gives us a little rest from this hectic fashion week in paris. the designer wanted to change his way of unveiling his latest creations by choosing to present his clothes in a showroom, adding to them a video and a newspaper, creating an entire universe around the new collection. in a world where everything goes too fast, such as shows that last only for a few minutes, it’s important to ask how buyers, journalist and the designers themselves perceive the creation of a new wardrobe each season. it is in this kind of presentation the designer is more available and able to take the time to discuss and explain each piece. talking about clothes for the summer of 2015, damir doma seems to get closer to nature in his silhouettes, like some opaque or transparent prints in silk devore, inspired by flowers, and dry leaves are conveyed in the bermuda shorts giving a rippled effect. the architectural lines and graphics bring out the cut of the jackets, not forgetting carefully chosen details and colours. this is a relatively modern man whose look becomes more refined every day. photography and video: carlotta manaigo interview : damir doma : for me this is now the seventh year of menswear and, for me it was just about changing the rhythm a little bit, not just for the press and the buyers but also for myself as a creative to try to find a new way of communication, a new angle on my own work and also to collaborate with other people, like in this case with tiffany godoy in the newspaper that we created. i basically think that the man who wears my clothes is a pretty wide range of man, at the end i think what describes him best is probably that he’s a creative source, he is sensitive and really open, and this is something we try to show in the video by choosing seven different creative people and giving each of them a little story and it was about putting th clothes into a new reality.a lot of the inspiration comes from nature graphics, come from flower graphics and from butterflies, and we try to transfer this kind of ‘askew symmetry,’ symmetry that’s slightly off, into the clothing.