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Eva Herzigova- the new face of Dior!

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After the sultry sharon stone, the fatal beauty of eva herzigova appears on the latest advertising campaigns for dior capture. on the eve of her 40s, the beautiful czech pregnant with her third child, returns on the scene by embodying the new face of the anti-aging range by dior. music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview claude martinez : the choice of eva was quickly imposed, we had a long love affair with sharon stone, and we always wanted the women who we recruit, who we love at dior to have the qualities which are the always the same, like the sparkle in their eyes, or in their face they bring out this light which comes from inside, they are bright, it's the word bright that sums up both the physical and intellectual side and they want to write a long story with us. i think we paved the way a few years ago, by already showing women what they were and i think we all know very well that we can be beautiful virtually and eternally. eva herzigova : the image of dior for me ; represents quality, the cream of the crop, a very beautiful image in terms of the advertising, a very beautiful image in terms of the quality, the research, the scientific side, and it's an honour for me, as a woman to represent it and to be associated with this beauty. you really won't believe me but when i arrived in paris at the age of 16 i wanted to do something forbidden, and i remember going into a perfumery and i liked `eyes capture,' the eye cream and since then, 16 or 17 years old, i really wanted it and they told me `but madam it's not for you! it's for women who are a lot older', i said no no it's fine, i'm addicted!